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New York City

Pedro Burgos

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Why we should comment MORE (not less)

This is a column that I wrote for Yahoo Brazil while I was a blogger there in January, translated from Portuguese. In here, I reexamine my previous stance of not engaging in online discussions, and take lessons from philosopher Daniel Dennet on how to do a good critical commentary.
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Pedro Burgos

I'm a Brazilian who has been living in New York City since January 2015. Currently, I'm studying at CUNY Graduate School, in the first class of the Social Journalism M.A. program.

I graduated from University of Brasília in 2003, and after working in newspapers and radio, moved to Sao Paulo in 2006, where I started to build a career in writing magazine features. I've contributed to a number of publications, such as Superinteressante, Exame and Playboy. In 2008, I started to put into practice (and words) my love for gadgets and technology, as editor-in-chief of Gizmodo Brasil, the Brazilian version of the popular Gawker blog. I continued to work in online media, in various positions within a startup, until 2013. In the last couple years I started a new website (Oene), wrote a book on how we shape our relations (and are shaped) through digital technologies.

Besides studying, I'm focused on growing, where I distribute a biweekly newsletter and podcast. I'm also open to writing articles on education, technology, and life in NYC for Brazilian and American publications.